National post-doctoral scientific research workstation was located in Livzon.

[编辑:] [时间:2016-8-12 14:27:53]

 Approved by National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Post-doctor Regulatory Commission, Livzon Group post-doctoral scientific research workstation was allowed formally to be set up at the end of September this year. This is another brilliant achievement of enterprise scientific research and talents introduction after being recognized as the State Enterprise Technology Center and the third team of innovative research talents successfully brought in Guangdong province.

 The requirements of establishing a national post-doctoral scientific research workstation in enterprises are not only being with the R&D and technology center beyond provincial level,  having high level scientific research team and undertaking national major projects, but also having a good management and strong economic strength. As a brand enterprise in China’s pharmaceutical industry, Livzon group shows the advantage of scientific research and talents introduction, enhances the comprehensive strength and realize the establishment of national post- doctoral scientific research workstation through continuous technology R&D and innovation in recent years. 

Being allowed to set up the post-doctoral scientific research workstation shows that Livzon receives a well-deserved recognition of technical innovation and high-end R&D talents cultivation from National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Post-doctoral Regulatory Commission. Meanwhile, the establishment of the workstation will also improve the construction and cultivation of high level scientific research team. It is a great significance for Livzon to attract more talents and to promote the ability of independent R&D and innovation.